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How long will my synthetic wig last? 

Manufacturers say the wig should last about 6 months. My advice is if you look after your wig, it should last a lot longer. I recommend following the proper washing instructions: pour cold water into a basin, dilute a capful of very simple shampoo, then take your wig and swish it in the water a few times, don't rub your wig as it will cause static. Rinse your wig with cold water, then shake the surplus water off into bath or sink. Then put your wig on the wig stand to drip dry. When your wig is dry, spray your wig with the recommended wig conditioning spray. Then you are good to go.

I would also recommend spraying the wig with the conditioning spray very lightly every time you wear it. Keep your wig hydrated. I would also recommend, you wear a cotton turban, cap etc. when your comfortable not to wear your wig, for example when you are at home or sleeping. If you wear your wig while sleeping, it will cause static. Don't wear your wig when swimming in sea or chlorine water as this could damage the wig. Rain water is fine as it is natural water. Avoid drying your wig with heat. When brushing your wig, do it very lightly, avoid tugging. Also, when not wearing the wig, I recommend you put it on the plastic wig stand, so that the air can circulate keeping it fresh.

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