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Personal consultations take place in my bespoke studio which has been designed with your comfort in mind. Britta Wigs is pleased to say that we have now moved to a new location in Norwich, Thorpe area (NR7). 

A consultation is £25 for approx. an hour depending on your needs and desires, this will be offset if a purchase is made.

Our first objective is to talk about you, your needs and desires and to find a style that suits. If we don't have a wig you like in stock there are plenty of catalogues to choose from, trying on some styles gives you a better idea of what suits you and feels right.

Our next objective when a style is chosen is to go through colours, once happy with your choice, an order will be made. Items normally take a couple of days to arrive.

Once your wig arrives we book another appointment for a fitting. Once I am sure the wig fits correctly you will be shown how to fit the wig yourself and given advice on care etc.

If the wig is not suitable you are not stuck with it, it can be sent back.

After a consultation with Britta Wigs many people find their hair loss issues much more manageable. And we take great pride in helping others to feel good as well as look good.

One thing we can promise all our clients; you will not be put under any pressure to purchase.

Video appointments also available.

Please contact me for more details.


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