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  • Range: Hair World
  • Colours Available: 8R, 8/14R, 8/26R, 8/27R, 12R, 14, 16/22R, 18/22, 24R, 27, 38R, 51, 54, 56, 60R, 88R
  • Colour Featured: Main image colour 51. 
  • Additional info

    • Head Size: Petite
    • Weight: 53 grams
    • Hair Length: 2.5 - 3.5 inches
    • Construction: Monofilament Top Style
    • Lace Front: The front hairline of this wig benefits from an 8mm scalloped lace edge to create an invisible hairline.


    Zara is a very short layered  PETITE wig.


    Zara has a fully hand tied MONOFILAMENT top that is very close to the look of natural hair growth. This wig is very comfortable to wear with the added security of a taping area at the front hairline allowing the use of double sided medical tape.


    The fringe is very wispy and feathered and measures 2 ½” which can be worn over to the side with a few strands escaping down onto the brow. The sides of this wig are very sleek and fall in front of the ears but can also be taken back off the face.  Zara spans many age groups and can be worn spiked or brushed flatter for a more delicate wispy look.


    Crown layers measuring 3 ½” give a little lift which blend gently down into the 2 ½” feathered layers in the nape.  Slimline velcro adjusters inside the nape adds comfort and enables you to adjust this STUNNING PETITE WIG to fit your head size.


    This very chic style comes in an array of colours by HAIR WORLD from browns, blondes, two tone to greys.


    Zara has an invisible front hairline with a soft scalloped French lace front, singly hand tied hairs provide the wearer with the appearance of NATURAL HAIR GROWTH from the scalp. Behind this edge is a small taping area of clear skin like material ideal for securing the wig to the scalp with the use of double sided medical tape.


    Zara has a full monofilament top section with single strands of hair being knotted individually into this fine monofilament lace top. This design creates one of the most realistic looks possible while retaining the benefits of a fully breathable foundation.  This LIGHT DENSITY and ultra comfortable foundation provides the wearer with the ULTIMATE in ready to wear INVISIBLE base designs.


    The use of under knotting at the sides and ear tabs help soften the edge in this important area of the wig.


    The back of this wig has an open STRETCH FIT that helps grip to the head and is comfortable, BREATHABLE and adaptable to various head shapes.


    The nape area has a soft velvet band providing additional comfort and incorporates our new LAY FLAT ADJUSTERS.  These adjusters enable the wearer to alter the size and feel of the wig to one which is most COMFORTABLE for them.

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