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Human Hair or Synthetic Fibre? WHICH IS BETTER?

Human Hair Wig


  • You can style your hair as you wish, different ways different days. 

  • You can curl it.

  • You can blow dry it.

  • It’s heat resistant. 

  • The wig lasts longer than synthetic and does not get static frizz.


  • You have to style it regularly.

  • It is usually heavier.

  • The colour fades over time.

  • It costs much more than a synthetic wig of the same style.

  • The colour range is more limited

Synthetic Fibre Wig


  • They require little if any styling, just leave to dry naturally.

  • It retains it’s style wash after wash.

  • It is light weight.

  • The cost is a lot less than human hair wigs

  • Large colour range


  • Fibre friction causes static frizz in synthetic fibre wigs, more prevalent on longer styles.

  • You can only achieve minimal style changes

  • It doesn’t last as long as a human hair wig.





Synthetic fibre wigs: 

Synthetic fibre wigs have been developed over the years to simulate human hair, you now have a product that has been designed to be light and easy to wear at a reasonable price and is available in a vast range of non-fade colours and styles, with these points in mind synthetic fibre really is a hard act to beat. You can buy around three synthetic wigs for the price of one human hair wig therefore allowing more versatility when washing and wearing them.

Human Hair wigs: 

Human hair wigs have to be carefully washed, conditioned and dried into style each time, they do lose their colour and may need the colour refreshing after 6months of wear. Human hair will lose its naturalness over a twelve month period but you will not experience any static frizz in longer styles that occurs in synthetic fibre and it will withstand heat. The cost is much more expensive and you have to consider the need for a second wig to allow for washing, styling and also a spare in case of emergencies.

The choice of synthetic fibre or human hair is really a personal one and largely dictated by the wearer’s needs, environment that the wig is to be subjected to and the budget of the individual. 

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