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Types of wig foundations

Machine Made Wefted


Machine made wigs account for the biggest proportion of wigs sold today, they have become lighter in weight due to different types of constructions, many of our wigs have capless tops to reduce the weight yet further. Our ready made synthetic wefted wigs are available in an extensive range of colours and styles all in top quality fade resistant fibre are excellent value. Easy wear and care make the Wigs4u range, the best value wigs money can buy. Most styles have thin weftings to avoid that bulky look. The fibres are soft and pliable and move more easily than real hair. As synthetic fibres hold their style and shape, your wig will require less attention than your own hair would do.

Monofilament Top wigs


Monofilament top wigs are fast becoming best sellers with wigs4u as they offer a more natural transparent top and hand tied baby hair or under knotting of the front gives a realistic hairline to the wig. Hairs are individually hand tied into an invisible micro mesh foundation giving a similar appearance to that of natural hair growth even under close scrutiny. They are extremely cool and light weight and very undetectable compared to the machine made wefted wigs.  Monofilament top wigs have specific taping areas (for the use of medical double sided tape) at the front and sometimes at the ear tabs and back which provides the wearer with added security when worn.  Monofilament top wigs are truly a significant advancement over machine made wigs but due to the hand tied work take much longer to manufacture, therefore the cost of these are more expensive than the normal machine made wefted wig.

Fully hand made monofilament


Fully hand made monofilament wig construction is used extensively with Alopecia wearers who have lost the majority of their hair, these are bespoke products, custom made using a full Monofilament foundation along with an invisible clear skin perimeter. Designed specifically for those with severe or permanent total hair loss who want the ultimate in fit and undetectability, they are made after taking an exact template of the head, the wig is then manufactured to the specific requirements of the customer including density, length, curl and colour, everything is tailored to your exact needs. This product is normally manufactured in 100% human hair and takes around 6-8 weeks to produce, it is then cut and styled at our studio to your requirements. This type of wig is not available mail order and would require two visits to our premises, one for the initial template making and one for the fitting/styling.  This fully hand made Full Monofilament base is the most natural and invisible available, needless to say they are the most expensive especially in human hair.


Wearing and Securing the Wig


Machine made wefted


Machine made wefted wigs have adjustable Velcro fasteners or hook & eye fasteners which allow you to adjust the fit. (tape patches or snappy comb locs can be purchased for added security)

Monofilament top


Monofilament top wigs have the additional benefits of specifically incorporated taping areas to give added security. Snappy comb locs can be purchased to sew in the base for additional security for those with hair.

Fully hand made monofilament


Fully hand made monofilament wigs or as they are often called bespoke or custom made wigs have an excellent fit due to them being manufactured to your specific head shape but also can be taped anywhere around the invisible skin perimeter giving the ultimate security.

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