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Washing & conditioning your synthetic wig

1. Very very gently tease out any tangles.

2. Pour a a small amount of very gentle shampoo, e.g. baby shampoo, into a sink full of tepid water, dilute by stirring it in.

3. Place your wig very gently in between your hands, swish your wig through the water with very gentle swishing strokes, no rubbing actions.

4. When happy the wig has been washed, rinse with cool water till shampoo is out. 

5. Shake wig gently over the bath to get all residue water out, or lay gently on a towel and blot it.

6. Place on plastic wig stand to dry. 

7. When dry, spray a wig with a conditioning mist for synthetic wigs. I would recommend using a conditioning mist regularly between washes too. 

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